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The best vegan cookbooks to kickstart Veganuary

January marks the start of a new year, and in this unique case, the start of a new decade. Many people might want to and consider how they want to approach the next year, or plot what they’d like to achieve.

Well, veganism is something some of us could at least do a little bit more of, for the sake of the planet if not for ourselves. Others though might want to fully convert, or might want to build their knowledge on their vegan diets. For whichever reason, we’ve got a book to help you master your plant-based diet for veganuary and beyond.

The 28-Day Vegan Plan

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Planning on going vegan for January, or beyond as well? Then you need a step-by-step guide to plan your first month in this new diet. The 28-day Vegan Plan will teach you just how to do that and how to kickstart a plant-based lifestyle in just one month.

Plant-Based Meal Prep

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Busy at work? Don’t have the time to pop-out to grab a lunch, or simply don’t want to spend the money, or more importantly don’t find any good vegan options when eating out? Well this book is here to solve all those problems with a vegan meal-prep guide. Plenty of meals are ready to be taken out the pages and brought to life in this simple guide with an abundance of recipes to recreate.

BOSH! Healthy Vegan

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80 delicious plant-based recipes are here to give you your fix of healthy vegan food! Fresh flavours of a Zingy Watermelon Salad, a Not-that-Naughty Burger or a Salted Caramel Apple Crumble with Custard are just a few of the things you can expect from this cookbook. You’ll be “safe in the knowledge that a healthy diet doesn’t have to mean deprivation.”

15 Minute Vegan

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Go vegan effortlessly. This book brings you the best meals on a budget, because fruit and veg can be expensive! All meals can be prepped in 15 minutes saving you time and money for the other things that matter.


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If you’re worried about your athletic performance, fitness and overall sporting health, then this is the vegan recipe book to ensure you don’t lose any of the vital ingredients needed to be a top-level athlete. This book will teach you all about how to cook with your pressure cooker and prepare perfect meals built around your exercise.

Dirty Vegan

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Matt Pritchard, ex-presenter of the cult tv show Dirty Sanchez, has released his own ‘Dirty Vegan’ book to go along with his cookery programme. In this book he’ll show you the way to eat really hearty vegan food, along with giving other tips as well in chapters such as: Belly Warmers, Proper Main Munch, The Main’s Best Mate and Sweet Stuff.

Veg: Easy & Delicious Meals for Everyone as seen on Channel 4’s Meat-Free Meals

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Jamie Oliver, a UK cookery-phenomenon, brings the food from his Channel 4 show into a book so you can access the secrets to great vegan food whenever you want, wherever you want. Over 100 recipes sit in this book, all quick and easy for you to prepare in your own home.

Happy Vegan (Fearne Cotton)

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Fearne Cotton brings you vegan recipes to delight the whole family in her book. She says: ‘Whether you’re a fully-fledged and dedicated vegan, someone that eats vegan when cooking at home but veers off when out and about, or completely new to vegan food, I hope you enjoy the process of recreating these recipes and ultimately of eating the finished results’ Fearne x

Fast & Easy Vegan Cookbook: 100 Mouth-Watering Recipes for Time-Crunched Vegans

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100 recipes cooked in all ways. Some easy, some more advanced – a recipe for whatever you need and whatever occasion. Cook one-pot, oven-cook, pan-fry and all – this book’s got you covered whenever.

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