Stay warm this January with The North Face! Jackets come in all different styles, designs and colours, and you don’t want to just pick up the first one you find. So we’ve pulled together a list of the best to look out for to see you through winter, and maybe even some of spring!

THE NORTH FACE Men’s Zaneck Jacket

This 100% Synthetic M Zaneck jacket comes in both a black and a navy blue colour with adjustable cuffs as well. The fur is also detachable, giving you options. With North Face being a top-class brand, you’re looking at this jacket as one of the cheaper options to get you through winter!

THE NORTH FACE Men’s McMurdo Parka

In Rumba Red, Four Leaf Clover & Bracken Brown, there’s plenty of opportunity to look different and unique with North Face’s 100% Polyamide McMurdo Parka. When winter brings traditionally dark colours, hit back with some colour and originality.

THE NORTH FACE Waterproof McMurdo Men’s Hooded Jacket

If you love everything about the McMurdo above but maybe do want a colour that’ll blend in more naturally with a wider range of clothes, then this is the coat for you. Simple but elegant, and very very warm. 100% synthetic.

THE NORTH FACE Men’s Gotham Jacket

This jacket is certainly going for a different style, with a more fitted look to it. It’s 100% Polyamide with a detachable hood, comes in a real range of colours, can be machine washed and even has plenty of pockets to carry your things.

THE NORTH FACE Mens T93Y23JK3 Black Down Jacket

100% Polyester makes this jacket, one of the most recognisable designs from the North Face range. It’s simple, fits well and isn’t too warm that you feel you can’t wear it for Spring as well. You’ll get a lot of use out of this one.

THE NORTH FACE 1996 Retro Nuptse Jacket yellow

The classic design with a bold, fresh look to go with it. Yellow is out there, it makes a statement, and it certainly looks very nice. This jacket is 100% nylon, and can also be machine washed. It’s snug and puffy, but also very simple and true to the North Face brand.

THE NORTH FACE Giubbino V-Stok Caramel Cafe AI19

Now this is different, but then again, who wants to look the same as everyone else? It’ll come for £300+, but in return you get a truly unique product. With three different colours incorporated, all fairly standard in their own right in the jacket market, you create a product that’s different without being too out-there.

THE NORTH FACE Bedford Men’s Down Jacket Winter Parka

This is the most expensive product on the list, but it’s definitely some of North Face’s best work. Removable fur, multiple pockets and an adjustable hood with a choice of grey and green make this jacket a really premium option. It’s incredibly warm, stylish and unique-enough without losing the best traits of a North Face-branded jacket.