Beats has been one of the biggest staples in the audio industry for much of the decade. While they may be most famous for their over-ear headphones, Beats also has impressive options for in-ear, wireless, or either form of headphones. Below is a list of some of our personal favorites that Beats has to offer.

Beats Studio 3 Wireless

These headphones are among the most popular that the industry has to offer, and it’s not difficult to see why. When fully charged, its battery can last up to 22 hours of listening, and its design is both compact and comfortable. Soundwise, the Studio 3 is heavy on bass, making for a balanced sound. Deals for these headphones begin at 159, and prices usually range up towards 299 beyond that.

Beats Pro

These are the top line product that Beats has to offer. If you’re interested in truly experiencing a pair of industry-leading headphones or if you’re involved with recording or producing music, these headphones are worth the purchase for you. With a firm build, raw sound quality, and other fantastic features, these headphones live up to the price tag.

Beats X

Beats also has an impressive repertoire when it comes to in-ear headphones, starting with Beats X. These aren’t wireless, but its unique neckband design is convenient for an active lifestyle. The overall sound is very strong, the Bluetooth range is impressive, and the W1 chip makes connectivity very strong and easy for Apple users. With discounts currently happening, now is a great time to pick up quality headphones from a big brand at a lower price.

Powerbeats Pro

Considered to be Beats’ response to AirPods, these are some of the best that the industry has to offer. You can get 9 hours of constant music from the Powerbeats Pro, which is almost unheard of from wireless headphones, and the Apple H1 chip is ideal for Apple users looking for an AirPods alternative. Add in its sweat and water resistance, and it’s a perfect option if you’re an athlete. Deals begin at 209 for these fantastic earphones.

Beats Solo Pro

The Solo Pro, a completely wireless pair of on-ear headphones, may be the most complete pair of headphones ever manufactured by Beats. As is the case with most other Beats products, it contains premium design, an H1 chip for easy connectivity, and noise cancellation. Yet the Solo Pro contains impressive battery life and a complete sound profile not seen in past Solo models. Deals for these headphones begin at 269.

Beats Solo 3 Wireless

These headphones live up to Beats’ high standards. They have a long battery life, charge quickly (5 minutes gives 3 hours of listening time), and have a distinctive, bassy sound to them. Also, the H1 chip is ideal for Apple users for quick, convenient connectivity. Deals for these headphones begin for as low as 170.