The worldwide pandemic has seen the suspension of the Premier League, as well as the delay of Euro 2020 until next summer. But don’t worry, although you may feel your world is coming to an end with the football drought, we’ve got you covered as we will take you through some of the top Coronavirus isolation essentials to buy. From toilet football to a beard trimmer – save big with Fan Deal Drops!

Toilet Football

As you will probably be stuck at home most of the time, keep yourself occupied on the toilet seat with this fantastic football game! Definitely an essential for all fans with hours to spare…

Toilet Football Game

Arsenal FC Electric Toaster

One for the Gunners, enjoy your toast with Arsenal branded toast – we guarantee it will make any fans toast that extra bit tastier!

Arsenal Toaster

Remington Manchester United Beard Trimmer 

The perfect grooming essential for United fans, although you may not care about your appearance in isolation, stay fresh with this 9-length trimmer available for under £30!

Manchester United Beard Trimmer

Liverpool FC Biscuit Pocket Mug

If you’ve stocked up on biscuits, this mug is must buy! What a great invention, a mug that stores your biscuits, who would have thought. Perfect for Liverpool fans who love a cuppa.

Liverpool Biscuit Pocket Mug

Amazon Prime Video Subscription

Save money on delivery of these essentials, and gain access to Prime Video which will surely keep you entertained at home! Amazon offer a 30-day free Prime trial to all new members of their service. All you have to do is sign up here! You can then enjoy your membership for a whole month, it will then carry on as a paid monthly fee.

Prime Video

Retro Subbuteo Metal Football Bottle Opener

You probably won’t be heading to the pub any time soon. This bottle opener will become your best friend when cracking open bottles at home with the fam. You can’t go into self-isolation without a bottle opener!

Subbuteo Bottle Opener

Football Boot Pint Glass

Number one product for your Coronavirus isolation essentials…a pint glass. The perfect companion to your Subbuteo bottle opener, enjoy an ice cold drink in this unique boot glass during the depressing times without football.

Football Boot Pint Glass

Football Money Savings Tin

If there’s ever a chance to start saving money, now is the time. Save all of those extra pennies from your wallet or jeans, and build up your fund for when the football season is back under way!

Football Money Savings Tin

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