In a market dominated by the big names of Apple and Samsung, it can be easy to forget that you can get quality cell phones without paying the high prices that those brands often come with. With Black Friday just around the corner, there’s no better time to look into cell phones that are £200 or less. You may be surprised to see how great the value is on some of these!

Motorola Moto G7 Power

Battery life is a hot-button issue among consumers. More often than not, if you hear press about a product’s battery life, it’s probably negative. That’s what makes the Moto G7 Power’s two-day battery life per charge that much more impressive. Its software is basically Android, and the phone operates at a high enough level for those who are interested. This phone offers a great value that cannot be overlooked, with deals as low as 140.

Realme 3 Pro

A brand of Oppo, this phone is another example of great value seen in a very expensive industry. This phone stands out most in the visual aspects. Its crisp display is complemented well by its attractive colors, and the battery life remains strong among other phones. This phone can be bought for as low as 175.

Motorola Moto G6

While not the most recent out of the Moto series, this phone still offers tremendous value for cost-minded consumers. For an inexpensive phone, the design looks to be top quality, and MicroSD is expandable to go along with dual SIM capabilities. The software is also consistent and clean. You can find deals for this phone as low as 130.

Redmi Note 7

A more affordable brand of Xiaomi, this phone gets the job done in several ways. For starters, its design lives up to modern universal standards of smartphones everywhere. There’s also a fast charging period and long battery life when the phone has been fully charged, and overall, the phone is very efficient and powerful with such a low price.

Honor 9 Lite

This is a product which breaks the mold for sub 200 phones. Its design is comparable to a Galaxy, it has a headphone jack, and it even has a quad-camera arrangement (two lenses in the front, two lenses in the back). Furthermore, it has a well-placed fingerprint scan to unlock the phone and a high-res screen. For just 165, this is a great investment on a phone without having to feel bogged down by a contract.

Motorola One

Motorola makes this list yet again by doing what they do best: making a phone that gets the job done. Many of the qualities are uniform in each phone, and this one is no exception: top-notch battery life with quality design. This phone also has a fingerprint scanner and a glass rear, which helps give it a sense of identity. This phone has a good value, going on the market for deals as low as £160.

Huawei P Smart

Huawei has established itself in the market of inexpensive cell phones, and products such as the P Smart are why. SImilar to the Honor 9 Lite, it has a headphone jack, finger scanner, and an attractive design which rivals those of Apple and Samsung on first sight. In the case of this phone, EMUI software is used, and it has heavily improved, making a pleasant experience. Deals for this phone start as low as 120.