We live in a world of endless tech opportunities now, and smartphones are very much driving this trend. Nowadays if you want a new phone, you’ve got a plethora to choose from, all subtly different in their own ways.

Samsung themselves don’t make the choice any easier with their array of amazing budget smartphones available. Here is a list of those phones to help to choose which one is right for you!

Samsung Galaxy A10

This is the entry level Samsung device into the world of budget smartphones. If you want a phone that can do the basic functions of top-end devices, but don’t want to pay a premium for them, then this phone at under £200 is the one for you. The 13MP camera takes perfectly good photos and it’s battery of 3,400 mAh will get you through the day.

Samsung Galaxy A20

Everything you love about the A10’s affordability and simplicity is found in the A20, only with modern day usage of apps like Snapchat and Instagram, the improved 8MP front-facing camera may suit you best.

Samsung Galaxy A30s

With this device you’re starting to enter into £200+ territory, but the features make it certainly worth it. Three cameras on the back make this phone unique to the A-line as it receives this feature at such a low price, and it’s ‘sAMOLED’ display and Dolby Atmos features make this a real bargain spec-wise. In-screen fingerprint scanner works too.

Samsung Galaxy A40

The A40 is a fascinating device. It’s no real upgrade spec-wise to the A10 and A20, perhaps because it was released at the same time as them (before the A30s). However, this phone, at just £190, delivers by far the slickest design available at this price. It has a better battery than the A10 & A20, and still manages to pack this added performance into a more screen-filled design, with minimal bezel on the chin. It’s small so makes it incredibly portable, and of course slick in the hand too.

Samsung Galaxy A50

The A50 goes up a size both physically and spec-wise. Its 4,000 mAh battery gives you power throughout the day, and a bigger screen to enjoy all the content you love.

Samsung M30s

Samsung’s latest product to hit the ‘budget’, or let’s say ‘mid-range’, phone market is the M30s. It’s not a part of the A-line but it delivers some very similar benefits. At just £230, you’re getting a phone with a 48MP camera, a super AMOLED display, a fingerprint sensor, 6,000 mAh battery 512GB of micro SD card storage.

Samsung Galaxy A70

This is when you start to hit flagship-like smartphones on a budget price, and they’re truly great options for those on the market. The A70 boasts a huge screen with a raindrop notch, available at around £300. It’s a real bargain considering the camera quality, the display, the size and the speed of performance this device can deliver.

Samsung Galaxy A80

This phone looks to change the game. The A80 is the first all screen display that Samsung has delivered to its customers, and it’s a real beauty. The phone is big giving you uninterrupted screen-time, with a pop-up camera that emerges from behind, using the high-quality main cameras for selfies as well. It’s as much a gimmick as it is a very good phone, but it is certainly a very affordable option considering the engineering and features within it, despite it coming in at a much higher fee than the others.

Samsung Galaxy A90 5G

This phone is everything you love about the A70, but taken up a notch. 5G is offered on this phone, the first non-flagship device to boast it, promising optimal connectivity speeds in specific areas. The premium metal body make it feels sturdy and well-built, and it has a 6.7 inch stunning Infinity U display.