FitBit is renowned for being the go-to for fitness tracking, measuring health and performance, and the best bit (pardon the pun) is that you’ve got a choice of many so you can find the one that’s right for you.

If you want to get fit in 2020, there’s no better nor easier way to measure performance than to get a FitBit. Here’s our list of six devices so you can find the one that’s right for you!

FitBit Inspire

It’s in the name isn’t it? This device is there to inspire those first steps towards getting fit with the FitBit experience. At around £65, this watch is incredibly good value, and does the basics perfectly. It monitors heart-rate, can do steps, distance and calorie tracking, sends your smartphone notifications and has a very slim, subtle and elegant design.

It is very much an entry level fitness tracker that does all the things you need at a very affordable price.

FitBit Inspire HR

This device does all the same things but adds a few features. Tracking VO2 Max is measured, which essentially means your maximum intake of oxygen can be looked at. Sleep tracking is even more advanced on the HD model, and it’s all presented on an OLED screen.

FitBit Charge 3

In a slight bigger but still perfectly compact design, the Charge 3 measures your SPO2 as well as having the previously mentioned features.

Elevation data is also available on this wristband, meaning you can study your health in a lot more detail. Smartphone notifications are more sophisticated as well, and this device is also NFC-enabled. This device is nearer the £100 mark, but the added features are certainly worth it.

FitBit Versa Lite Edition

Nearer to £130, you get a more smartwatch experience with the Versa Lite. This device has all the same health management features, but displays is all on a coloured screen, along with providing multi-sport tracking.

It’s touchscreen display makes it fun to use, and the device comes in various colours. This device also gets far more out of the app than the previous mentioned. For £130, it’s still great value!

FitBit Versa 2

Built-in Alexa makes its way to this device as the FitBit becomes even more sophisticated than before. Smartphone notifications, music control, automatic exercise recognition and personal coaching are just some of the great new things the Versa 2 has to offer.

Battery life lasts up to 5 days, so not quite as long as the others, but it has the ability to do so much more. It retains the stylish design, but at nearly £200 you’re getting a smartwatch that can really do it all.

FitBit Ionic

Everything we love about the Charge 3 and the Versa 2 are available on the Ionic, FitBit’s most smartwatch-looking design yet. It looks slick, stylish, but professional as well. On-screen work-outs are a big feature of this device, while everything else that makes FitBit great is there as well. 

At around £220, you’re unquestionably getting the best FitBit in terms of features and performance.