This Christmas, why not go all in on a Smart Speaker? With technology getting better with each day and as more speakers have advanced capabilities, now is the perfect time to bring the best speakers technology has to offer into your home. You’ll be blown away by some of these features!

Amazon Echo Plus

The Amazon Echo Plus 2G is considered among the cream of the crop when it comes to smart speakers. It’s not difficult to see why. With revamped sound quality, home control that includes even a thermometer, and Alexa as a virtual assistant, its convenience and abilities make it a rocking choice for this Christmas. You can find this online with deals as low as 100.

Libratone Zipp 2

This model has truly differentiated itself from the pack. Its opulent design is topped off with a sleek zippable jacket, making it one of the best looking smart speakers on the market. Combine this with its Alexa voice control, Airplay 2 capabilities, strong audio, and even adaptable sound profiling based on the environment it’s in, this speaker is a must-buy for an unforgettable Christmas. It’s a bit pricey with most deals starting at around 215, but you’ll be paying for one of the best that the market has to offer.

KitSound Voice One

This is another great smart speaker for the holiday season, and it’s a particularly good gift idea for anyone in your life who has yet to use a smart speaker. Similar to the previous speakers on this list, it has Alexa capabilities – and the KitSound Voice One was made in collaboration with Amazon, giving it more of an advantage. It can hear your commands from the other side of a room and can connect with up to eight other Voice One speakers for multi-room amplification. With deals starting at 65, this is a fine smart speaker that won’t break the bank.

Sonos Beam

If you want to change the sound of your house, the Sonos Beam is a soundbar which will change the way you watch and listen forever. Its compact size means it ought to fit snugly under any television, and the sound is sublime whether you’re putting on music or watching your favorite shows or movies. It also has five microphones, making your requests to Alexa or Google Assistant loud and clear. This is a great gift this Christmas for anyone who needs an unforgettable upgrade to their sound system, with prices starting at 360.

UE Megablast

Yet another good option among smart speakers, the UE Megablast is Alexa-compatible and always listens for your commands. This speaker works particularly well with Spotify, thanks in part to the powers of Spotify Connect. Perhaps its best ability is its top-notch sound quality mixed with 16 hours of battery life without needing a charge. At 128, this is a great bargain for Christmastime.