We live in a world of endless opportunity when it comes to entertainment and visual consumption. Tablets sit in a strange bracket between phone and laptop, but we can all agree they’re by far the most fun gadget to use when it comes to watching Netflix and playing games!

Tablets are now becoming more affordable and diverse than ever, with brands like Samsung and Huawei delivering strong competitors to the famous iPad. So when considering price, image quality, memory storage and of course, the best way to stream sport, what are the best options out there for you?

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

Are you torn between the S5e and the S6? Not sure whether you want the highest end specs, or whether saving that £250 is the best idea? Well maybe the S4 is the answer for you! At a slightly higher price than the S4, but still perfectly affordable, the S4 is the everything-tablet that came before the S6. It possesses a slightly more robust build, but hardly. It’s still a slick, elegant and sophisticated piece of tech that can really do everything. Save money on the S6 and get all the specs, tricks and whistles with the S4. 

iPad Pro 12.9 2018

Apple changed the game when they brought out the iPad 9 years ago, but their latest tablet redesign is by far the most slick, elegant, and powerful device to date. 

With minimal bezels, Apple pen support, and amazing multitasking features, the iPad is one of, if not the best, tablet available on the market right now. It comes in at some of the highest prices, but you’re definitely getting a lot for your money. 

A 12.9 inch screen with iPadOS user interface really does make this an even more portbable, on-the-go laptop.

iPad Air 2019

This device offers you slightly thinner side bezels, a gorgeous display, and is in everyway an upgrade on the iPad without being the iPad Pro. Similarly to the S4, it offers that balance between the cheaper tablet option offered by Apple, and the all-singing all-dancing Pro version on the market as well.

The Air provides plenty of screen and supports Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard support as well, while being light in the hand. 

Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus

Big and affordable. The Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus offers a very good screen, good features, but better than anything it offers a great price at under £200! If you want a device for easy consumption without burning a huge hole in your budget, then the Tab 4 gives you everything you need on a big screen, with easy functionality, smooth performance and clean software.

Amazon Fire 8 HD

The Amazon Fire 8 HD comes in at by far the most affordable price. Sitting around the £80 mark, you’re getting a device that comes in with a vibrant HD screen and up to 10 hours of battery – perfect for endless hours of Wimbledon watching or streaming back-to-back Super Sunday games!

It’s perfectly portable, which makes it perfect for travelling, and even retains the ever-disappearing headphone jack!

iPad Mini (2019)

Coming in at a higher price than other models, it still remains a perfectly affordable option at around £390, especially when you consider it’s an Apple product. If you’re determined to stay in the Apple ecosystem, this perfectly comfortable in the hand, portable and stylish device brings all the attributes that made Apple the kings of tablets for so long into a very attractive price package.

The 2019 version now comes compatible with the Apple Pencil, which takes the capabilities of the “mighty mini” to a whole new level.

iPad (2019)

If you love everything about the iPad mini, but want an even more expansive and immersive experience, then the iPad 2019 is the one for you! Apple’s iCloud makes everything so easily transferable from one device to the other, and it’s gorgeous screen can be enjoyed in a full 10.2 inch display. The device supports the Apple pen, the smart-keyboard and most impressively, comes in at an even cheaper price than the mini! It’s a no-brainer from a price perspective, and you’re getting a tablet in the most classic of iPad designs.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

An included stylus, a slick design, a roughly £370 price tag, one of the best AMOLED screens on the market, makes the Tab S3 one to consider for sure. It’s been redeveloped and improved in later models since its release, but it still remains a very attractive tablet both aesthetically and internally. 

Plenty of buttons make the device super easy to use, without unnecessary complicated usage features. It’s a powerful device that does everything a regular user will need.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

High-end specs come at a super affordable price with the Tab S5e. The device comes with Samsung’s One UI software, Dolby Atmos speakers to give you a 3D sound experience, a bold OLED screen with a slick design and of course, great battery life.

The device has an ultra thin look making it light and comfortable, with a slightly more elongated look so you get the more cinema-like experience you don’t get with any other tablet. Oh, and it’s also super affordable as well!

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

At around £620, you’re probably considering the cheaper alternatives already, but before you disappear completely, it’s important to know that the Tab S6 might just be the best Android tablet around. 

Packing all the great features of the S5e, the Tab S6 delivers great processing power behind all the entertainment, giving you an absolutely seamless experience. With Samsung’s ‘Dex’ mode, your tablet can turn into a laptop at ease. Using a portable keyboard, simply connect to your tab and you’ll find you’ve got a perfectly functioning laptop. The Tab S6 also supports the S pen, so your tablet can become a drawing pad too. It’s a device that simply offers everything at the very highest level.