Which 4K TV is right for me? This is the question men up and down the country will have on their minds with the festive season fast-approaching, especially with the vast amount of choice making the process of choosing a TV all the more confusing. 

Luckily, we have picked out nine of the best Ultra HD models to set you up for winter – whether it’s watching your favourite sports, catching up on bingeworthy TV series or streaming content through social media, we have it covered below.


A superb TV, phenomenal picture quality and a great price – what’s not to love about the C9? This Samsung model supports Dolby Vision & Dolby Atmos, has an impressively low input lag and also uses LG’s excellent webOS-powered smart TV interface.

Another eye-catching feat of the C9 is the outstanding sound quality – a rarity in most TVs – making it the perfect unit to help you sit back, relax and take in the Boxing Day atmosphere from football grounds up and down the country; the next best thing to being at the game itself.


The Q70 makes our list as it is has a strong all-round performance, with its minimal appearance making the TV modern and attractive. It provides a high-quality image in both SDR and HDR, with superb gaming features for those wanting to test their skills on the latest FIFA or Call of Duty. These include an input lag of 13.7ms, ALLM and auto game switching.

The one drawback on the Samsung Q70R is the fact there is no Dolby Vision or Dolby Atmos, however, other features more than make up for this.


The thing that stands out the most with the GX800 is the exceptional value for money, making this the perfect Christmas gift for the family to brighten up the living room.

Other feats include an exceptional LCD picture, plus an impressive list of supported formats with Dolby Vision, HDR10+ and Dolby Atmos all supported.


Whether it’s being entertained by the latest rants on Arsenal Fan TV’s YouTube channel, browsing social media for instant reaction or watching games live on Sky Sports, the Q85R has all of the qualities to make a top TV for watching the football over the festive period. 

This model offers exceptionally sharp pictures, colourful HDR, and overall a pretty much similar viewing experience to the more expensive Q90R. 


LG’s web-OS Smart TV platform means you can have no worries when streaming sport over Christmas – and with Sky/NowTV, Amazon Prime and BT Sport showing a staggering 56 fixtures over the festive period this has to go down as a massive positive!

The C8 has superb picture quality with exceptional sound and features, including the support of Dolby Atmos and every version of HDR. The slick design and great audio performance makes this TV an ideal model for sports fans going into 2020.


The Philips 803 OLED TV has a super-impressive retooled audio system, meaning there is no need for a soundbar when listening to your favourite music or cheering on your team. The total power output is 50W with a decent amount of bass.

The minimalistic and ultra-thin design makes the unit aesthetically stand out and would be a slick addition to any living room – either on a stand or fixed to the wall. 


The smart features on the FZ802 aren’t as complicated as other competition, with its features very easy to use – Panasonic have created a winner by keeping it simple with a choice of live TV, apps and devices. 

Although the design isn’t as flashy as other models, the unit is well-made, simple and effective, with great sound and impressive image quality. With all of its features in mind, you may find it hard to get a better OLED TV at such a low price.


The Q90R is an exceptional model with a recently-updated smart platform which includes the addition of content providers such as Apple’s iTunes. Other standout features include state-of-the-art image processing, impressive wide viewing angles and incredibly low input lag.

The four screen sizes range from 55-inch to a whopping 82-inch, with the latter being the perfect option when hosting gatherings for sports events this winter. 


Put in simple terms, the XF9005 is a stunning television with great value for money. Google’s Android Smart TV platform gives users the chance to customise their smart home screen and catch up on all of the latest channels with content from the BBC, ITV, C4 and many more.

This TV’s outstanding performance in motion clarity, brightness and colour makes it top of the wishlist for many sports fans in need of a top TV to watch the action unfold this winter.